Add Email Subscription Form To Your Website

1) Create An Account In Convertful Website :

  • Open your browser and search Convertful on google. Then click on the first link as shown in the figure.
  • You have landed on the Convertful website and here you can see a lot of options regarding its providing features.
  • But you have to click on the Try Free option present on the top right side corner.
  • Now it is the pricing page where you can buy the plans as per your requirements. But you can buy its free plan also! where you can receive 3000 pageviews.
  • So don’t waste time and click on the Free Plan option.
  • Just enter you Email Address here so you can sign up in Convertful.
  • Convertful will send you a Confirmation Email in which you will receive an OTP. As you can see in the figure.
  • After pasting the OTP code, click on the verify button.
  • Fill in the information like First Name, Username, and Password.
  • And click on the Continue button.
  • Here you have to add your website details as I have filled in. Your Domain Name, Site Platform, and especially your Website Category like my website is about blogs and media, so I have chosen this option.
  • After filling in the correct information, click on the Add Site button.
  • It is the last page as well as the last step for creating an account in Convertful.
  • So you have to do nothing extra, just follow the steps carefully.

2) Connect Your Convertful Account To Your Website :

  • Go to your website and open your WordPress dashboard. Scroll down, and select the Plugins section.
  • And click on the Add New plugin option.
  • Click on the search bar and search for Converful, and select the first option as shown in the figure.
  • Press on the Install button and after installing, Activate this plugin.
  • Once you installed the plugin, it will show you this page, and you have to just click on the Connect to Converful button.
  • If you have done this step correctly that means, your website is connected with your Convertful account successfully.

3) Build Your Email Subscription Form :

  • Here you enter on the main page where you can build your own subscription form. Just click on the Pop-ups button present on the For eCommerce section.
  • As you can see that many types of Pop-ups here, just scroll down and click on the Pop-up, which is selected by me in the figure.
  • And yes! you can also select anyone Pop-up from this page. It’s up to you!
  • This is the Sample Pop-up, and you can edit it also by just clicking on it.
  • Like if you want to change this image then, click on the image and press the Change button present in the left corner.
  • Then drag your image here that you want to upload. For example, I have selected an email subscription image.
  • You can also download images like it by searching on Google “ email subscription icon “, and it will show you many icons so you can pick one.
  • Similarly, if you want to edit the text, then, click on the text which one you want to change, and then write whatever you want to write on the left side as shown below, and it will be changed by your text.
  • Once your editing is completed then, go to Display Rules option.
  • Here you will see a lot of options regarding your Pop-up’s Timing, which means when your pop-up will appear to your visitors.
  • You can select any one option after reading but, I prefer the Second Option that I have selected.
  • And if you select this option then, if a visitor came to your website and uses it only for 30 seconds then your email subscription pop-up will appear.
  • After completing this, click on the Changes Saved button.
  • So finally, we have successfully added an Email Subscription Form on our website as you can see.
  • Whenever a visitor uses our website only for 30 seconds then, this form will appear!

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